Threat analysis and attack trees

Date and time

Thursday 16 November 2023




Sb3D in collaboration with the Danish Industry Foundation

The Sb3D project and the Danish Industry Foundation invite you to this webinar on the theory and practice of using attack trees in threat analysis.

How to use attack trees in threat analysis

In this webinar you will gain basic knowledge on threat analysis by using attack trees, a widely-used method to reason about security that lends itself seamlessly to describe scenarios of various complexity.

We will complement a theoretical introduction with a practical example and tools to support reasoning on attack trees. Furthermore, we will have a hands-on session on building attack trees for a toy example.

Why should you participate?

The webinar is a good opportunity to gain knowledge on threat analysis, which is an increasingly relevant topic in the market and directly applicable to industrial contexts.

Moreover, this introduction boosts knowledge and confidence on the wider topic of risk assessment and can be a step towards certifications and a preparation for upcoming regulations.

Target audience

The webinar is aimed at both managers and software developers. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Sebastian Holmgaard Christophersen
Alexandra Institute

E-mail: s.christophersen@alexandra.dk
Phone: 93 52 26 54